7 ways to make family relationships romantic again

7 ways to make family relationships  romantic again

Very often there is no room for romance in a family life especially when a couple has been married for aged. Sometimes even the idea of reviving romance seems silly. Psychologists say that it’s quite usual for the feeling to fade in marriage. But the situation can be changed.

New couples are not aware that marriage demand hard work. When you have just got to know each other and are eager to continue your relationship, you partner is “trerra incognita” for you and you are literally fascinated by everything in him or her. All the things that your partner is doing, even if they are odd, seem very lovely.

How to get romance back in a relationship? Experts offer universal advice for women and men looking to bring some fresh stream to their marriage.


Love confessions are important in any year of marriage. Let your partner know how much you care for him or her. Thus he or she will be sure that you really want to be a couple.

Gentle touches, however brief, are also necessary. Both children and adults constantly need hugs, because it tells more about your affection than any love confessions.

Go on evening dates

It can also be morning dates, if your or your partner’s work schedule does not allow you to schedule a romantic appointment at the end of the day. It's great if you can go to the place where the very first meeting or the first date happened. A cafe, gallery, even a shopping center - the place where fate brought you two together may not even be entirely romantic from the point of view of others. But you know how much these locations mean for you two.

Praise, admire and stop looking for mistakes

People are full of flaws, but there is something to praise everyone for. The main thing is to tune in to looking for reasons that allow you to sincerely admire your soul mate for something she or he has done. Even if this is a simple thing, but it may be important for you or your family. Anyone likes to be appreciated for their contributions. If it is difficult to improvise, you can put down a list of things for yourself on a piece of paper.

Be well-dressed at home

Many people are used to wearing not very nice clothes at home. When you partner comes home and turns into someone with a mess on his or her head, torn pants or a worn dressing gown, your passion can go away.

Make pleasant surprises without return

It is possible that your partner does not know how to pamper you with nice little things. But this does not prevent you from being the main magician in a relationship. At the right moment, you can invite your partner to dance when you hear “your” song. If you buy a takeaway coffee for your partner, write a love confession on it. Just don’t demand the same behavior from your spouse. Maybe he can’t do the same but anyway, he will be happy.

Family is a team

The feeling that your soul mate is ready to support you is very motivating and capable of reviving long-forgotten romantic habits. Look for opportunities to compete in something with some other family or company, acting as members of the same “gang”. Volleyball, bowling, swimming, Friday karting...There are lots of variants.

Have real fun

Many years of marriage is not a reason to turn into people who ignore fun. Schedule the days, when instead of doing household chores, you will sit back, fool around and enjoy life in every possible way. Bringing freshness and romance back to a relationship is easy.

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