What a man thinks about morning sex

What a man thinks about morning sex

Some people believe that everyone likes sex in the morning without exception – this is a misconception. It is in many respects superior to the daytime, but most are used to indulge in love pleasures after a shower, breakfast and work. We learned the opinion of men about sex in the morning.

Good morning!

Don't go straight to the kissing part. It is better to stroke the causal place and offer to have sex. Kissing after hours of sleep is not the most attractive idea.

Time for a shower

We will go to take water treatments together and start giving each other caresses right in the shower. We'll both enjoy it.

Sit on top

I'm still half asleep. The awakening will come quickly, but I will be happy if you start the action. You'd better lie on top of me, so I don't fall asleep again and "crush" you.

Avoiding of kisses

We don't touch each other heads. The doggie-style pose was clearly invented by those who love morning sex.

I'm too hungry to last much longer

Before long-term sex, you need to have breakfast.

A great start of the day

Sex is one of the most enjoyable things in life; we may do it for several hours at a time.

Is this real sex or am I dreaming?

The line between tantric movements and dreams is very blurred.

My shoulders haven't woken up yet

Naturally, I may continue, but I need support.


We both got what we wanted.

Let's hug and go back to sleep

I feel tired and want to sleep. Then we can make love again. We will find ourselves in the cycle of such pleasant things. Let's take morning sex as a rule. We will get maximum pleasure, and please each other.

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