What's bad about a big dick, or bigger doesn't mean better

What's bad about a big dick, or bigger doesn't mean better

The man unbuttons his pants, breaking into a sexy smile, and her eyes widen, and she lets out a startled cry: "Wow! How big!”

And then he adds: "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid it won't work." In fact, most of the fair sex are not tempted by a dick of an immodest size - on the contrary, it repels them. Every woman who has had experience with the owner of an impressive dignity knows perfectly well that with a standard "farm" it is much easier, but with a larger "catch" there will be a lot of trouble. While you think about how to approach such a miracle of nature, the desire disappears.

"Before I met my wife, I was trying to have a serious relationship at university," says Alexander, 33. - I didn't think about the size of my penis at all until I was alone with the girl. There were kisses, caresses, I took off her clothes and then she put her hand in my pants and... She started to get ready to go home. When I asked what was wrong, she said that she preferred a more modest size. I still remember the terrible shame that I had to experience."

Problems with an erection

If the penis has an impressive size, it needs more blood to maintain an erection during sexual contact. This question becomes especially relevant with age.

You have to forget about oral sex

Owners of impressive dignities are often denied oral caresses - partners are afraid to swallow such a gift of nature entirely. Deep throat is just one of the techniques of blowjob if you look at it, and then extreme, although.

"Alas, I did not have the chance to learn what a blowjob is, on my own experience," 26-year-old Oleg sighs. - When men see my "instrument" in the pool, they start to make fun of me, not hiding a note of envy, they say, you probably have no end of female fans. But in reality, in my entire life, I had only 2 serious affairs, and never once did my female partner agree to a blowjob. The maximum is a kiss, and that's it."

No spontaneous sex

You start kissing in the elevator. As soon as the door slams shut, you tear off each other's clothes; he presses you against the wall, fits behind you and brings you to orgasm with passionate deep thrusts.

The described scene does not exactly shine on you, if your choice fell on the owner of a large penis. Such a dick requires a particularly careful approach; any awkward movement may injure it.

Not every pose be suitable

Many positions will have to be abandoned, especially those that involve deep penetration as doggie style or rider.

"My future wife also, by the way, tried to repeat the script of the "Runaway Bride". However, I suggested to her at first not to practice vaginal sex at all, and she agreed. Over time, of course, we included it in our intimate diet, but it took some effort," Alexander shared.

It is difficult to buy a suitable condom

And it is also difficult to convince the pharmacy employee that you are asking for the maximum size not in order to impress your partner, but because otherwise the rubber product will simply strangle your penis.

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