Squirt: what is female ejaculation like

Squirt: what is female ejaculation like

During arousal and at the peak of the intercourse, any woman secretes fluid - this is a well-known fact. However, what is percentage of those women who can amaze their partners with a jet orgasm? Researchers find it difficult to give a clear answer.

What we know is that at least 10% of women have a unique talent for throwing liquid out at high speed.

It is much more interesting to understand what this liquid is. Maybe it's just urine leaving the bladder uncontrollably under the influence of tremors?

In 2014 scientist conducted wide-scale research. The women emptied their bladders, and ultrasound scans documented this fact. Then they were aroused and again subjected to ultrasound examination. Amazingly, the scan showed that it was full again. After squirt, the bladder was empty again. It proved that the liquid secreted during jet orgasm was urine.

But it is too early to draw final conclusions. The conducted pharmacological analysis established that the liquid contains not only creatine and urea, but also a lot of other components. So, a prostate specific antigen identical to the male was found.

Men make it through the prostate, but women have Skene's glands that contain similar tissues. The contents of these glands on the anterior vaginal wall pass through the ducts and reach the lower part of the urethra.

Most likely, the ability of some women to experience jet orgasms happens due to the unusual size and physiology of these glands.

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