What to do for the first time with a guy

What to do for the first time with a guy

Many people have many fears and doubts before the first sex. This is absolutely normal, since the unknown always causes a slight excitement. The first time makes someone nervous, someone is looking forward to it, and someone wants to forget these minutes and move faster to the second time. In any case, whatever it is, you should know that everything is fine. The most important thing is that sex would be by mutual consent of the parties.

If the relationship with a young man has already come to the moment when both are ready for intimacy, then you should know about some important points. Sexologists told about several important rules that young people who decide to have sex for the first time need to know. They are suitable not only for teenagers, but also for the older generation.

Preparing for the first sex

It is recommended to have condoms and lubricants with you. Do not be amiss to grab and wet towels or napkins.

Be sure to use contraception. Remember that pregnancy can occur after the first sexual act. Also, a condom will prevent the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases. If a young man insists on sex without a condom, then you should refuse this offer and do not have any business with him in the future.

Before the first sexual act, it is better to discuss many issues in advance. Perhaps your sexual partner and you may have different ideas about sex.

Rough fantasies are better to postpone immediately for later times. Don't experiment. Remember that this is your first time. Do not injure your mind and body.

Let the first sex you will have with the person who will not be ashamed to remember in the future. Be firmly confident in your desire to lose your virginity with him.

Make sure that the place where you plan your first time has a shower and toilet.

Let the first sex be gentle and neat. Each of the partners must be ready for penetration. Do not forget to use a lubricant, as it will make the penetration of the penis into the vagina less painful.

Make sure that your partner also wants to have sex. If one of you changes your mind, stop. Do not put pressure on the person, forcing him to continue.

Guys may have their first orgasm in a matter of minutes, but girls most likely will not get an orgasm for the first time. Remember that this is absolutely normal.

Not all girls bleed after their first sex. Some do not have a hymen from birth, and someone has it so elastic that it does not tear, but stretches.

You should not immediately discuss the events with your friends in detail after the first sex. Don't criticize your partner in any way. Sex is a matter that concerns only two people and no one else.

The right age to lose your virginity

There is no such specific age. The girl or guy should be psychologically ready for the first sexual act. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I really want to have sex?
  • Do I love my partner?
  • Is our love mutual?
  • Am I familiar with existing contraceptive methods?
  • Do I know what to do in the event of an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases?

If you answered 'Yes' to all the questions, then you may already be ready for your first sexual act.

Remember that the most important thing in the first sexual act is love and trust in the partner, as well as the use of contraception.

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