Will the child help save the relationship?

Will the child help save the relationship?

Psychologist Olga Perekopayko said that due to self-isolation, people have more time for sex. So there may well be a spike in the birth rate.

The phrase “the child saves the marriage” is often heard. We decided to find out if this is really so. And whether the birth of a baby will help resolve the conflict with a partner.

According to Olga, conceiving a child during self-isolation is far from the best way to preserve a marriage. It's just that the spouses spend almost 24 hours a day together. And, therefore, there is more time for lovemaking. In addition, many couples admit that it is impossible to end the conflict by simply slamming the door, so they have to solve it with violent sex.

The psychologist believes that having a child in order to get away from fights is not a good idea. Since this will not solve the conflict, but only temporarily postpone it. However, sooner or later, you will still have to return to it. Olga says that giving birth to a baby in order to resolve the conflict is, at the very least, unwise. First, the controversial situation will not be resolved in this way, but will simply move aside and later emerge again. And the fact that having a child can save a marriage is true. But in most cases this happens only because many people with the birth of a baby change their priorities, values, worldview and attitude towards their partner.

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