You’d better not do it in this way: when doing blow job, 7 mistakes were named

You’d better not do it in this way: when doing blow job, 7 mistakes were named

The dream of every man is a good blow job. They dream of it more than a new car. And to realize his dreams in reality, girls should avoid certain mistakes in oral sex.

Do blowjob right after the intake of food

If you don’t want that during blow job the vomiting reflex appear, you shouldn’t have sex right after the intake of food. The same is concerned to the large quantity of drunken water. It’s better to have sex when your stomach is empty. Or you can put off deep blow job.

Lead to an orgasm during foreplay

It is like going to the shop for new purchases and returning home after failures in the very first of the shops. He, probably, will keep silence, he feels fully good, and what about his partner? That’s why, you should lead men to an orgasm only when you don’t want to get satisfaction then.

In this case oral sex is like a present for the beloved man.

To suck the penis too much

You should accurately suck the penis. Firstly, if you do it deeply, a man will have awful pain. Secondly, you can bring harm to the soft skin of the penis, in the result small fissures can appear. And only after the healing, your man would like to have sex again.

Not to remember about a lubricant

The matter is not just about long blow job. A lubricant must be around in any kind of sex. Thanks to it any touch is softer, more sensitive and interesting. You needn’t use a lubricant for blow job, the penis will simpler slip between the fingers of the hand, in the mouth and cause less unpleasant sensations during the deep immersion into the throat. But if you choose a lubricant with some aroma (for example, chocolate or strawberry), oral sex will be your favorite occupation. 

Blow job on the knees

Yes, it is popular pictures from porno films, because only in this way you better notice the penis and the movement of the girl. Besides, remember that many films 18+ were created for men, who at least through the screen wish to feel power over their girl. Moreover, slaves stood before their lords only on the knees, and it is not easy to fight with sex atavisms. But you are not the same. You may do blow job in the lying or sitting position, or in the 69 position.

Do not use the tongue

It is not only for a French kiss or ice-cream. Due to this reason you should remember about the numerous abilities of the tongue at doing any blow job. Thanks to the tongue you can create not just tempo, but rhythm and mood. You’ve slipped a little with your tongue through the head of the penis and the aura is more romantic. And then you run your tongue between the testicles and your partner feels unusual power and drive from the process.

Do blow job like something routine

“My dear, I will wash the floor in 5 minutes and then pass to blow job” – Olesya said and wonders that her guy don’t like intimacy so much. You shouldn’t lower your intimacy to the household level, adding oral sex into the timetable of your domestic chores. Otherwise a man would not get satisfaction and you would feel yourself depressingly.

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