You will feel his every centimeter

You will feel his every centimeter

There are dozens of ways to make a woman cum and penis size doesn’t play an important role if you know how to use it.

We will tell you about 5 positions in which you will feel every centimeter of your partner’s penis

Downward dog

The difference from a classical variant is that you should bend your elbows and lean back. Due to it a partner will penetrate full-length and you will be able to stimulate your clitoris

Knees to breast

You must be lying on your back with your knees folded to your chest. A man leans to you as close as possible. You can control the process by spreading your legs.

A mermaid

You will appreciate this position if you like to be on top. But you are not jumping on your partner as a cowgirl. You lie on him with your legs together. Both partners make movements towards each other.

A deep span

This position is for those who love to have sex standing. Find a wall and lean against it. Then you lean forward and arch your back. A man should take you by the butt. Don’t start to move too quickly In this case, you will get maximum comfort and pleasure.

The higher the better

Very similar to the missionary position. The guy is on top, you should grab your partner around the waist with your legs. To achieve a great result, you have to put a pillow under your back. In this position, your partner will penetrate as deeply as possible. Orgasm can't  but come!